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The Elderwise Story

The story began in 1992, through the efforts of Eastern Michigan University (EMU) representatives and a group of nonacademic enthusiasts committed to developing continuing education programs.

Elderwise Class of '92

Founder and long-standing members, reunite for the 2014 Annual Meeting on June 3, 2014.

The program was located at St. Joseph’s Hospital, Ypsilanti. Initially, Elderwise was supported by EMU with a Liaison Officer serving on its Council, and by providing advertising sponsorship.

In 2005, Elderwise outgrew its classroom and moved to Cleary University where the organization took advantage of the improved classroom and audio visual facilities. More classes were added, and members were offered a wider range of topics. Professional faculty and peer teachers with special knowledge, experience and skills were introduced into the program. The result of this member-driven initiative was to increase the membership and focus of the organization.

In July 2014, Elderwise relocated to the Red Cross Building in Ann Arbor. The classroom facilities are excellent, and Elderwise also now owns its own audio-visual equipment.

Twenty-two years on, Elderwise remains a member-driven in organization, in leadership, participation, financial support, and program development.


Elderwise not only encourages, but is also a model, for lifelong learning programs.

Elderwise focuses on recruiting instructors from all walks of life. At the front of the class, you will find university professors, teachers, experts in their own particular field, or individuals with a special interest to share. The one thing they all have in common is their love for teaching, especially to lifelong learners! Our instructors are enthusiastic, informed, and fun. They provide us with a wide range of topics to offer you each term, plus individual approaches to presenting them. We have large classes, small classes, interactive classes, and discussion classes. We go out locally
on guided or docent-led tours to museums and art galleries. We attend theatre productions.

Elderwise schedules three semesters every year. Each semester has at least 55 classes, and sometimes more.

Elderwise offers quality classes—our standard is high.

Elderwise members can select as many or as few classes as they wish. Typically members tell us that they don’t have time to come to all the classes they want – there just aren’t enough hours in the day for busy retirees!

Elderwise has worked tirelessly to maintain the same excellent service you have come to expect. We have invested in new audiovisual equipment, including a wonderful sound system to support our film and music classes. There is plenty of space for instructors to bring and display their unique or rare collections of artifacts and memorabilia. There is easy access to those items high on your amenities list, such as free parking and, oh so delicious, refreshments!

Elderwise is a very special community – rich in experience and shared knowledge.

Elderwise is a place to make friends, be a friend, and bring a friend.

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